Thursday, 1 March 2012

Baron Hakkonein The Thrice Blessed

Here my Daemon Prince work in process. I still need to shade the green armour, which along with the iron banding willl match with my Death Guard. There is also the base to do, along with various touching up, but I'm pretty happy. I'm a better modeller than painter, and I'm not a great modeller, so for the baron to turn out reasonably well brings me happiness.

The 'wings' are similar to Blight Drone props, and added to the model by someone with real talent. The original model was an old Ral Partha Ettin. The rats head is of course from a rat ogre.

I'm not sure about the skin tone, they are a little too healthy to be considered pallid and not yellow enough to evoke maggoty. So I may add a light wash. I'll probably also quickshade the armour parts.

The model next to him is a Chaos Lord made from Iron Armour, Grey Knight parts, Chaos Warrior body and a very old left handed pistol I found on a model I bought of ebay. I'm thinking of painting him brass to stand out amongst the red of the Khorne and the green of Nurgle marines.