Thursday, 2 April 2015

Dwimmermount - The Barbarian's Story

This is from Zoilus' player on the fight for dominance over the Orcs. Very much a touch of the Cimmerian about the young barbarian.

The mighty man-beast strode towards the steel-thewed Barbarian, unbuckling his armour. “Now, we wrestle!” bellowed the orc.

Laughing heartily, the shouts of his comrades ringing in his ears, the young barbarian launched himself cat-like toward the foe. Hands locked eagerly, and man and man-beast grappled, each shifting their feet in the dungeon dirt to take the force of their opponent.

The mighty man of the North was the first to overpower his foe, a lock of limbs that would have laid low a lesser being, but too soon the orc broke free through pure brute force. They clashed again, a desperate dance of grapple and dodge.Soon it was the orc that had the best of it, winding Zoilus with many a mighty hold. Dodging and grappling, they sparred, but the beast-man’s inhuman prowess looked soon to best the Thulian adventurer. Again and again, Zoilus endured the crushing embrace. Bruised and winded, the barbarian finally broke free of a hold which looked to be deciding move. The orc bellowed swinish laughter from its porcine maw as the man scrambled across the slabs, victory in its sight.

“You fight like elf!” The orc mocked.Drawing on his final reserves of energy, like a wounded lion cornered in the wild, Zoilus launched himself forward with desperate, primal fury. His arms found their hold and, with a bone-wrenching heave, he squeezed the foul air from the lungs of the spawn of chaos and hurled him to the ground, defeated.